Ten Bests of the Day

This blog is inspired by a history of journaling, a tradition of lists, and a conversation with a dear friend.
"May you live every day of your life." - Jonathan Swift

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

tuesday, 28 nov 2006

  1. The air outside smelling like lavendar at 5:20 this morning. (Yes, 5:20.)
  2. Moody, beautiful foggy and misty drive to work.
  3. The Beetle was looking extremely orange under a streetlight.
  4. Sending Hog Tales out, if only temporarily, for approval.
  5. Plenty of happy licks from Diesel on my lunchtime visit home.
  6. My friend came to my office to quickly say hello even though she's so busy with projects. And her sweater and cords and socks were adorable.
  7. Orange juice and Sprite mixed together.
  8. New credit card billing cycle starts today.
  9. My friend's husband brought back some Thorntons toffee for Mark from the "Made in Britain" shop while they were in Door County. Very thoughtful (and very delicious)!
  10. Petting the freshly-bathed beagle.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

saturday, 25 nov 2006

  1. LG White Chocolate mobile phone.
  2. Watching Diesel bay-bark at three dogs playing with a stick.
  3. Mark cleaned the bathroom!
  4. Laughing as Diesel nudged his way under the blanket with me as I lounged on the floor watching TV.
  5. Homemade cherry pie for breakfast.
  6. Bunches.
  7. Feeling contentment.
  8. Temperature in the 50s again.
  9. Forensic Files.
  10. Finally getting our FSA reimbursements totaled (good to have it done, even though we could have used another $200 in our account).

Friday, November 24, 2006

friday, 24 nov 2006

  1. Turning off the alarm clock before it buzzed at 6 AM, falling back asleep, and waking up at 7:45. No work this Friday!
  2. Walking Diesel through the woods, across the railroad bridge, and through the golf course shortly after getting up.
  3. Felt extremely grateful for how good my life is (I really do have everything) as I watched the DVD, The Road to Guantanamo, this morning.
  4. Felt satisfaction after cleaning the kitchen.
  5. Watching Diesel chase a fast, young viszla at the dog park and get so frustrated that he bayed. Everyone watching laughed.
  6. Being grateful that I had a dog to walk at the dog park rather than suffering over the decision to get a dog as I was this weekend last year.
  7. Larry's sweet potato soup with oyster crackers.
  8. Feeling both lazy and productive.
  9. Sendik's Thanksgiving meal. Even though I feel too full.
  10. It's only Friday. There's a whole weekend left.

thursday, 23 nov 2006

  1. The way the sun shone hazily through the stand of white birch trees in the golf course at 7:30 this morning.
  2. Mark and I walking Diesel together at Granville before driving to my sister's to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  3. The sun was blazing so bright and warm as we walked in the park that I wrapped my jacket around my waist - mid-50s in late November!
  4. Looking at family photos with my dad.
  5. Seeing how happy my sister was that we were all together enjoying the first Thanksgiving dinner she hosted. She did an amazing job, everything was so delicious!
  6. Per my niece, as we were going around the table saying what were were thankful for, Diesel bayed outside to be brought in and we all laughed because it was like he was participating.
  7. The fruit salad I made turned out just right.
  8. Taking the photo that my sister and her family will be using for their Christmas card this year.
  9. Watching my niece walk Diesel after dinner and seeing how well he got along with my nephews.
  10. Knowing that Mark had his first official homemade Thanksgiving meal.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

tuesday, 21 nov 2006

  1. The T-shirt Mum gave me which says "Give me coffee and no one gets hurt".
  2. Singing at the top of my lungs to The Smiths while driving to work, reminiscing over when my FBFF and I did the same thing one evening.
  3. The crisp air as I walked out of the house this morning, knowing that in a few hours it would be over 50°.
  4. Tall, brown fake suede wedge-heeled boots with striped above-the-knee socks. (More high socks for Christmas would be a great thing, hint hint!)
  5. My friend brought me a cup of her freshly-brewed strong Alterra coffee with half and half in her special Guinness mug from Ireland. I feel so lucky!
  6. Going home for lunch today. I do this almost everyday but today was extraordinary because … I had a bowl of spicy chili that Mark made last night and he surprised me with A BRAND NEW PAIR OF PINK AND BLACK ADIDAS TENNIS SHOES! I promptly replaced the tall boots and knee socks with my new shoes. I have the best husband ever!
  7. The plow pose in yoga.
  8. Smiling as the beagle snores away in his beloved donut bed.
  9. Working through a ton of projects at work today - much accomplished.
  10. Did I say pink and black Adidas shoes? So comfy. Like slippers.

Monday, November 20, 2006

monday, 20 nov 2006

  1. The Today Show piece called “Rude America: What Happened to Common Courtesy?”. It made me want to be considerate.
  2. My winter coat which is cozy like a sleeping bag.
  3. Three day work week.
  4. Sharing my left-over quiche with Diesel.
  5. Mark made me scrambled eggs for lunch.
  6. Seeing the beagle head in the window when I pulled up to the house and knowing that the beagle head disappeared because he was running to the door to greet me.
  7. Getting my dog.com order, which included the talking turkey dog toy. Talking. Literally.
  8. Mark got his regular driver’s license today so maybe our auto insurance will go down on this renewal. (Because he didn’t have a driving history in this country, his initial license had to be probationary.)
  9. Sendik's Mequon salad bar.
  10. Discussing Grandma Rose's fruit salad recipe in a phone call to Mom while Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving was on TV – nostalgic.

sunday, 19 nov 2006

In no particular order …
  1. Figuring out how to rework the code of this blog to alter the template. Quite an accomplishment as I have minimal experience with HTML and CSS. And Mark helped me with only one part!
  2. Sunshine all day.
  3. Went to the dog park as a family - both Mark and I took Diesel. Usually we divide and conquer.
  4. Put the Ghia into storage in our friends' extra garage space in Kewaskum. They've been extremely generous with storing the car the last few years.
  5. Little to no salt on the back roads we took to Kewaskum.
  6. Hot chocolate and a late lunch of Mexican left-overs after coming in from the cold.
  7. Finishing the two and half boxes of envelopes I proofread for a friend.
  8. Re-reading my original ten best lists.
  9. Little Penguin Pinot Noir.
  10. Going to bed feeling like I accomplished a lot.
Hmmm, I wasn't expecting little flowers to show up in place of numbers in my list above. Looks like I have more code hacking to do!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The original ten bests

Below are the original "Ten Bests of the Year" lists I sent with my holiday cards from 1995 to 2002. The blog wouldn't be complete without them.

To view at a more legible size, click on each image and it will take you to a larger view.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The concept

This blog is meant to be a companion to my original SnoutBeagle blog. As mentioned in the header, it is inspired by a history of journaling, a tradition of lists, and a conversation with a dear friend.

The Conversation
I was having lunch with a good friend the other day when she mentioned the sweater she was wearing made her list that day. I knew for some time that she keeps a daily list of things she's grateful for. It's always struck me as such a simple and positive thing to do to keep things in perspective. That particular day I must have had blogging on my mind because it suddenly seemed to me that a blog specifically for the purpose of keeping such a list might be a nice thing to start.

The History
That same afternoon the idea of a companion blog to SnoutBeagle continued to formulate. I have a history of journaling. Since I was seven years old I kept a daily diary. Every year for Christmas my parents would give me a diary for the following year. I would fill it up with all that was important to me at that time of my life - my pet gerbils and our dachshund, Cocoa; the neighbor's horses; my high school best friend; my first boyfriend - the list goes on and on. I kept a daily diary religiously through high school. When I graduated, my dad gave me a card where he offered the advice that I continue keeping a diary. That meant a lot to me as I figured he didn't really notice my diary-keeping when in reality it must have made quite an impression on him.

I did continue journaling through college and beyond but not as a daily ritual. My journals went from being small locked and dated books to blank journals. The blank journals made longer and more in-depth entries the norm and therefore not as realistic on a daily basis. I stopped all together shortly after I met Mark in 2003. Keeping in contact with my new husband, then boyfriend, via e-mail across the pond became a new form of journaling. I wrote to him in the same depth I would write in a diary. I even scanned a journal entry and sent it to him at one point.

The SnoutBeagle blog has become a welcome way to express myself through writing again and it's a shameless way to dote on our dogchild. However, there have been a few times where I've wanted to blog on a topic that didn't have a beagle link (although, surprisingly, most of the time I can find a link in rather unexpected ways). So beyond the list of ten bests of the day (whether it be daily or not, I don't know) I will probably carry on some as well.

As far as my diaries, I still have them all in a box in our bedroom closet and if the house was on fire I would consider that box a priority to rescue. After the beagle, of course.

The Tradition
In 1995 I started the tradition of sending an insert of "Ten Bests of the Year" with my Christmas cards. This tradition was born of sheer laziness. I had been sending out quite a few Christmas cards prior years to college friends and past coworkers that I rarely saw. It seemed like a cop-out to simply sign my name so I was handwriting messages to each of them telling them what I had been up to that year. It was tedious and repetitive so, inspired by the form letters people often include in holiday cards, I decided I would put my graphic design skills to use and design a nice-looking list of the best things I experienced that year. Sending numerous Christmas cards was no longer a chore and the lists received great reviews from my friends and family.

Along came Mark and the tradition which was very "me"-oriented somehow seemed less appropriate. I discontinued the lists after 2002.

Life is different now anyway. Our "bests" are less glamorous and we have "bests" everyday. Which is exactly what this blog is all about.