Ten Bests of the Day

This blog is inspired by a history of journaling, a tradition of lists, and a conversation with a dear friend.
"May you live every day of your life." - Jonathan Swift

Saturday, December 30, 2006

monday, 25 dec 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

The last couple weeks

As it has been for most people, the last couple of weeks have been a flurry of activity. So much that I couldn't bother to take the ten minutes required to come up with a list of ten bests for an entire two weeks. So here I am, attempting to make up for lost time, and cheating a bit in the process.

The ten bests of the last couple of weeks are as follows:

  1. Shamelessly self-promoting my blogs to a whole 42 people by including the Web addresses on our Christmas card inserts.
  2. Seeing a young girl and her father at Kopps, all dressed up as though they just left a holiday school program – the girl smiled and twirled and ran with every step she took. She couldn't have been happier and it was a joy to witness.
  3. Feeling a sense of peace at my grandpa's funeral earlier this month. I felt his presence there, I'm sure of it. He wasn't physically in the church with us but he was absolutely there within my heart. My grandpa deserves a list of ten bests honoring him. And I have a story to tell so more about Grandpa Ray in the near future.
  4. Exchanging gifts with dear friends at work.
  5. Helping my friend, Greg, and his wife with their monstrous Christmas card mailing. I proofread a total of 1,012 cards. A bonus in this process is spending time with Greg, a most unique, wonderful, and generous individual.
  6. Celebrating Mark's birthday! We enjoyed an authentic full English breakfast at the Brit Inn, a definate treat for my "Engrish" husband.
  7. After at least a year-long dry spell of not discovering any new music, recently being bombarded with some amazing finds.
  8. Sending in the $50 rebate for my new mobile phone. It was a painful process getting there, Mark will second that.
  9. Wendy stopping by last night with Diesel's favorite dog pal, Gertie – and knowing that we will be spending much time with them next week.
  10. Crossing items off a list that has finally stopped regenerating.
On another note, I was completely touched by a story I saw on the Today Show this morning. I blogged about it here. My thoughts and prayers go out to Danelle Ballengee as she recovers. Adventure racing has always been intriguing to me so I read more about Danelle and am absolutely in awe by what she's done. Besides all the racing, she's the only woman to have climbed all 55 of Colorado's 14ers. So inspiring, slightly crazy – adventure racers are a unique breed. I admire them.

Thinking of adventure racing reminded me of a card I bought the year I started the original ten best lists. It depicted a mountain climber and had the most inspirational, yet simple, phrase printed on it. Of course I have no idea what the phrase is anymore, nor do I know if I could still find that card, but it is what inspired the look of the original ten best lists. I remember a distinct feeling of empowerment that year due to working with a personal trainer and a fantastic fitness regimen. That card epitomized it perfectly.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

tuesday, 5 dec 2006

  1. The brightest full moon at 6 AM.
  2. Warming Diesel's frozen paws as he hopped three-legged during our 8° morning walk.
  3. A sincere hug from Beth.
  4. A good yoga class even though I didn't initially feel like staying.
  5. Getting punchy late in the afternoon as we were finishing up Hog Tales files.
  6. Not only burning the Hog Tales files to DVD for our local printer but also getting the European DVD out as well.
  7. Mark telling me he missed me since I didn't get home until 8 PM.
  8. Playing with Jody's tiny Chinese Crested puppy, Bella.
  9. Finally curling up in the white chair in front of the TV.
  10. Warm husband.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

friday, 1 dec 2006

  1. The Beetle suddenly finding ground and trudging forward through the 10 inches of newly fallen snow to take me to work.
  2. The blizzard being the top story in the news – big snow days (especially the first ones of the year) bring out the child in everyone it seems.
  3. The bosses buying the entire company lunch due to the weather.
  4. Our H.O.G. Appreciation Party, the annual work event where we throw a party for those we work closely with at Harley-Davidson to show our appreciation to them as clients. My bosses pull out all the stops and it's always a grand event, with last night being no exception. This year was based on the Rat Pack theme which provided me with a great opportunity … dressing up and wearing my long black velvet gloves! And it was a treat seeing my bosses in tux coats – they looked great.
  5. Resurrecting a skirt I had purchased 16 years ago (which was tucked away in a box in the basement) and getting many compliments on it.
  6. Talking and laughing with Andrea Z. If ever I need a heart to heart I know where to go. She'd accept me completely for who I am.
  7. The wonderful Sinatra tribute band. The songs made moving to the music while having a conversation or putting chocolate cake on a plate a natural thing to do.
  8. A kiss on the hand reminding me of the kiss Grandpa Ray blessed me with in October (I'm praying for you Grandpa.).
  9. Driving through downtown on my way home from the party. The city was alive with activity at 11 PM, Christmas lights all around, fresh snow … I've been tucked away in my house too long and being out seeing the vibrance of the city was refreshing.
  10. After falling asleep on the couch, hearing Mark say "Come on family, time for bed." I followed willingly, the beagle however preferred to spend the night in his beloved donut bed in the living room.