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Monday, February 19, 2007

Beyond garter stitch

The scarf I planned to finish by February 1 was actually completed *on* February 1 and I wore it to work the next day. I oozed with pride over how it turned out. Since then I made another scarf and spent a stupid amount of money on needles. I now have a complete set of 9-10" Clover bamboo straight needles, an almost complete set of 13-14" Clover bamboo straight needles, and a pink Denise interchangeable needle kit. I love having all these needles. It's very in keeping with all the new hobbies I start up ... stock up on all the supplies before I even know if the hobby will stick. At least I didn't pay retail. I did spend quite a bit of time on eBay however.

As far as skills, I've progressed beyond the garter stitch (knitting back and forth). I've now got the hang of purling as well and figured out how to put the two together to make ribbing (without holes, bonus!). I'm dying to put it to good practice and make ribbed leg warmers. I've got a pattern. I've got the yarn.

But I got distracted by a garter stitch dog sweater pattern so the ribbing project will have to wait.

Not that Diesel needs more clothes.


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